1. Word: Set up Fill in's without changing the layout
    Have you ever filled in a document someone sent in Word that looked like you just click and enter info, only to find that the document moves? The lines might move, the spacing changes on the screen, and it doesn't look like what you started with. It's not your fault; it's simply the way someone set up the document without knowing the tricks to helping you filling it out.

    Follow these steps to have someone fill in a specific place within your Word document. You'll find a lot of happy people filling the information you need without frustration!

    1. Put the cursor where you want to have people enter text.
    2. Press CTRL/F9. This should put in a pair of field brackets {}.
    3. Between them, type this in: MACROBUTTON NoMacro [Put Your Text Here]
    4. When you're done, press SHIFT/F9 to hide everything but your descriptive text. SHIFT/F9 will toggle between showing and hiding all such fields in the document.
  2. W8.1: A New way to get to Desktop Items

    Many people have a cluttered desktop view made up of shortcuts to open programs, and documents that are stored. While it may seem as visual pollution to some, the majority of Windows users find this part of their daily routine.

    To save time in finding what you are looking for, I have a quick trick to help. You'll only need to walk through these steps to enable it one time, and when your computer restarts it will always be available for you in the same place.

    1. Make sure you are in the desktop view
    2. Right-click in an open area along the taskbar and choose "Properties"
    3. Click the "Toolbars" tab, and check "Desktop"
    4. Once you click ok and close the Window, you'll see "Desktop >>" along the taskbar. Click on the ">>" and you'll see the "All Programs" view you've known for years. Open and work with any program as needed.

    Enjoy saving a few extra moments in your day!